Kemê (1983) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, installation and text, often hybridising them. 
She sees the arts as something between alchemy and magic, the spiritual and the subconscious. While her curiosity leads her to work with concepts such as memory, representation, symbols and rites, Her process embraces the complexity of our construction and the constructions we inhabit.

In the last years, Kemê’s interest has orbited around the power of tales, myths and archetypes in storytelling tradition to address contemporary life, challenging the negative images given historically by the binary opposition system (ongoing Villi Akka's calling project).

As she endeavours to become a better ancestor through antiracist and intersectional feminist processes, Kemê strives to contribute the same way to good practices in the arts & culture sector, where she acts as a facilitator, educator or coordinator.

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