Kemê's interest in psychology, sustainability, and good practices within the Culture and the Arts field is summed to her multicultural background and curiosity.
She has worked in different capacities in Finland and the Nordic Countries since 2016, as ex. facilitator, educator , artistic content producer or coordinator. Striving to contribute to the community bettering through antiracist and intersectional feminist practices.

Most projects in which Kemê has been involved as a culture worker have had a strong connection with advocacy diversity, migration, multilingualism, social justice or what now is called D.E.I.B.*

However, she is not so much interested in typifications and trends as she is in working/coexisting with our differences, rehearsing awareness, creating and maintaining spaces for exchange and dialogue, self-reflexivity, self-care and care for others, empowering collaborations, accountability, non-oppressive, inclusive structures and processes, transparent use of power, fostering the means to try, fail, learn, cheering vulnerability and dismantling bias.

Kemê has work with organisations such as Globe Art Point ry, The Artists' Association of Finland, Culture for All, Cupore, or Catalysti ry, Pixelache and institutions like Cultural Center Caisa, Helsinki City, Espoo Museum of Modern Art-Emma, The Nordic Library Network, Hanaholmen Culture Center, Helsinki Art Museum-HAM, Ministry of education in Finland and The Nordic Arts Councils.
She also was the co-vice-chair of Critical Friends' Group ("An inclusive cultural sector in the Nordics" project led by Arts Council Norway). Kemê teaches at NODE centre and has participated as a speaker at several festivals and conferences, such as "The 20th Nordic Migration Research Conference and the 17th Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU)".

Currently she is the co-curator of the festival "#StopHatredNow by UrbanApa”.

Kemê is also part of the diversity agents group by Culture for All.

*Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging.


Actualise Utopia: From dreams to reality. An anthology about racial barriers in the structure of the Nordic arts field, by editor Ninos Josef and project Kemê Pellicer. Published by Arts Council Norway, 2019. Download
“Actualise Utopia: From dreams to reality.”
Image Description: Side portrait of a young, black, gender undetermined person wearing a turtleneck black shirt without sleeves. They are steering at their front and their background looks metallic and wrinkled. The image is slightly blurred and the lighting of the picture is in red and blue colours.

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