A  music project by Kemê & Mats Karlsson blinking since spring 2011.
We play as children do, without pretence or fear, so the music decides which way it wants to go, even if she gets lost. That way, we find treasures and chewing gum stuck under the table.

What music do we make?
Well, Probably each song would have something different to say about it. Or rather each part.
When listening to some of our recordings, it feels like someone must have put something in our drinks but not knowing what. Other times is like being on a decadent cruise, looking at our own feet.
We love it when the notes of a double bass stick to our gums like snus, the glassy taste of words. Today we build a tent, the rain is coughing.

Mats: multi-instrumentalist, cookie monster and data accumulator. Kemê: puncher of words, metal shaker, with transhumant stockings.