“Hay lugares en los que nunca dejé que me visitaras”

" Hay lugares en los que nunca dejé que me visitaras" is the long title and only text of this story, its translation to English would be something like: "Places (in me) where I never let you visit (me)".

It is a book with self-portraits, but the self-portrait is, in fact, the book.

Press play to have a peek of the book and turn on the volume (music by Oneye, my music project).

I started this project while working in myself applying Jung's theories, objects' memory, and situationism, searching for the other "me's", places in me, hidden from others' look.
I was not looking for dramatism. My goal was to spot frequent or daily parts of me that I had refused to show or recognise as mine.

I believed that we are a compound of our different selves living together, including their boiling interactions. However, as we grow, we start to assume several kinds of socially/cultural "correct" selves ( roles, stereotypes) for each occasion. By doing this, we play inside a safety zone, but why a safety zone? For whom? How can we pretend to be delimited if things are so far of being black and white?

As the project progressed, elementary questions continued to pop up repeatedly:
Am I a good enough (X)? Who is judging? Why do I worry about it? What part of me should I show or hide, and when? With whom parameters am I "being"?

As I opened the door at these "places in me" I became more conscious of our use of armours and masks which gave me more acceptance towards me and others, and a genuine sense of connection through our day-to-day act of being.

I decided to make of this project my thesis at the Photobook master at the IED Madrid.
For me, the only format possible to expose me/this work was a book that you will force to hold on your hands, close to you. It had a measure of 14x19 cm, printed in soft in a cotton paper, naked (without covers), sold into a slide zipper bag, as a proof.

Some images in this book: