Individe (Us)

Kemê  //
Katariina Jumppanen //
Isabella Chydenius//

Individualism is merely an illusion of personal freedom that divides us. Through our social routines, we become daily objects of consumerist addiction to each other inside of a giant factory called modern society.

During this performance we studied our role as individuals through the continuous mechanisms of the consumer society; looking at ourselves through a hollow surface, that leaves us without the real substance.
It has become a challenge to separate between our personal selves and the objects that we possess. We had given them a more significant meaning to our identity than they might have, as we hold on to "things" we can hold and see, but not into ideas and global issues that can seem too abstract and large to fight.

We move forward, with our eyes and senses closed, making very few questions about the meaning of our actions, adopting habits, accepting rules and paths already marked, we want to be independent and unique, but we are being links of the same chain. We isolate ourselves when at the same time we are yearning to really connect with others and our environment.