This performance was made in Gallery Tila, Helsinki.
During the opening hours I was tied in the showcase, a text was displayed next to me, I tried to interact with the people inside and outside the gallery. Some of them were nice, some not.

I had water in a bowl and at the end nobody untied me because as some of them said "you can not interfere with the pet of the other".
But maybe the next time.

Text on the wall:

L0VE (extract of a conversation)

Since you were little you felt attracted by the wild, I don't know if it was because of the fear, the unknown... countless times I discovered you hiding a new one, I knew it would be useless to try to change your mind, and I knew that after a while you would be disappointed because How could you tame it without to erasing its nature?
so I just said: "Remember to feed it”.

In this action I reflect about love by comparing it to a wild animal, I often stare at the dogs tied at the doors of the supermarket, some of them bark or jump when you get close, but usually they just wait, looking towards the store where "the owners" wander between aisles like jungles, and sometimes I wish that the horizon made of glass and goods were a field full of trees, it is hard to remember that those dogs are descendants of wolves. Then comes to mind the dogs, cats, people, who have lived with me, and I think of those I loved, by possessing, and if we should not change our way to love to let go, let be, and whether we should stop "looking for love" to "give love".