Recording By Oneye

Lunes Fiesta

Vestida de fango y dientes
¿quien te va a querer? hermana
sin huesos culebras bebe
madre bajo tierra llama

quien te iba a creer


Las lombrices en cortejo
subían de noche a tu cama
y entre las piernas garritas
de dolores que te cantan

Teje un sudario de lodos
lávalo en fuegos de grasa
y cuando duerman los vecinos
ve al bosque con una pala

Servían en platos de oro
y con cubiertos de plata
de las brasas de sarmientos
tierna tu carne velada.


In English:

“Festive Monday”

Dressed in mud and teeth
who is gonna love you? sister
drink snakes without bones
mother is calling from the soil

Who would believe you?

no one

Earthworms in procession
went up to your bed at night
and between the legs little claws
of sorrow signing to you

Weave a shroud from the sludge
wash it in greasy fire
and when the neighbours are asleep
go to the forest with a shovel

Served on gold plates
and silverware
from the embers of vine shoots
tender your /veiled*/fogged*/ flesh

* In the original poem meaning all these: Covered with a veil. Faded in the sun (photographic film). The subject of a watch or vigil (ritually watch over a body)

(Translation by the author)