This performance was created during my residency at Espacio Oculto Madrid, as a mean of exploration the signification of hair/identity through our individual and social boundaries, ando as a personal experiment of trust.

In July 2014, I sent an invitation to some friends and strangers to come to my studio saying that I would make a performative action and would like them to accompany me, nothing more.

When they arrived, I was already upstairs performing, so they remained downstairs where I had left them tea and biscuits.
A sign I maid explained that they could go up, only one by one when the door was open.
I had started to let my hair grow in 2012 as a project related to my identity, and it had never been so long.

While waiting for them, I cut a lock and put it on the floor next to me.

I used the scissors as a baton/key that allowed them to act, or not. The first person who used the scissors then gave them to the next person waiting to come upstairs.
I did not speak as I wanted to focus on the energy language.
Another sign that you could see when coming back downstairs was asking them not to share anything of what happened there with anyone until the performance was over, then I would meet them at the main space.

After the performance, we had a session to share and discuss what just happened.