Villi Akka documentation

Diferent works exhibited as part of my ongoing project, Villi Akka. 

Each image had assigned a number corresponding to a fragment of text from a tale, song or poem realised during the project. Examples of text below:
(8) - “Incubation has a particular sound, as it has growth or intuition.
As a river, we float in and maintain us elastic, changeable, alive.
(4) - You are not lost if you still can hear the river.
You need to be lost to learn to find the river”
“In spring one was chosen, I remember the pink and purple ribbons dancing in the warm air and the sounds of the horns against the branches, they left offerings under the cherry trees. I was stepping closer when my mother pulled my arm and said: Things are not what they look like”
(7) - “
Every creature has a predator.
-I love you so much. I could eat you up.

Below: Performance piece by the dancers Marja Koponen, Maria Prokhorova and Geneva Rosett-Hafter .

Below: Reading points.