"2020 Starts, and my first child is born, shortly after there is a general lock down, medium and high classes are able to work from home. Life happens on a screen. It is the golden age of streaming, from entertainment to seminars, lectures or discussions. I lost track of how many courses, meetings, conferences or workshops I was part of. Climate change, ableism, ageism, racism, sustainability, norm-criticality, indigenous rights, dreams, hopes, and fears, we were trying to learn and fight with our pyjama pants on (or underwear).
A sentence was bouncing back and forth in my head. It became the ending of each online discussion: -We are running out of time.-

-This is so interesting people, unfortunately, “we are running out of time.- .. ... (meeting ended)

Maybe it is just my sense of humour but “Indeed we are”, my mind started replying.

That was the seed."

WAROOT sign At Globe Art Point Helsinki.

WAROOT is a travelling piece* to be hosted on the walls and windows of organisations that host or participate in online events, now or in the past, around systemic change (climate justice, antiracism, equality, intersectional feminism)